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Hello and welcome! Cushion of Joy was designed as a resource to help beginners learn to knit and intermediate knitters level up. Check out the Taking Time for Joy post for an overview of what’s available. Happy knitting!

Latest Knitting Tips and Tricks

Bulky Weight Slippers Pattern

These bulky weight slippers are a great way to learn how to knit two at a time toe up socks. They’re also a quick knit that makes a great gift!

All Things Socks (Patterns, Tips, etc.)

These are my favorite toe up sock patterns for baby socks, slippers, and adult socks in worsted and fingering weight yarn. Plus my best tips for sock yarn and more!

Intermediate Lesson – Learn to Knit Socks

Learn how to knit toe up socks by knitting this sample baby sock. Everything you need you need to know is provided in this less, including a knit-along video!

How to SSK

Learn how to SSK, which is a common method for decreasing stitches in knitting.

Fall Leaves Shawl Pattern and Recipe

Get the free pattern for this beautiful Fall Leaves Shawl. Instructions are provided for how to customize the shawl, along with a video demonstration of how of to knit the lace.

Lesson 7 – Mitten Ornament

Practice the M1 Increases and Mattress Stitch while making this adorable mitten Christmas ornament.

Mitten Ornament Pattern and Video

This cute little mitten Christmas ornament is a quick knit that comes together easily. It’s knit flat and then stitched together.

How to Sew the Mattress Stitch

Learn now to sew the mattress stitch, which creates an almost invisible seam between two pieces knitting.

How to Knit the Circular Tubular Cast on for 2×2 Rib

The circular tubular cast on is very stretchy, beautiful, and invisible. It’s great for a hat, fingerless gloves, or other projects that begin with 2×2 rib. The steps are different than the circular tubular cast on for 1×1 rib, although those instructions are also available on the site. While there are several steps involved, they’reContinue reading “How to Knit the Circular Tubular Cast on for 2×2 Rib”

Traveller’s Cowl Pattern

I designed the Traveller’s Cowl to coordinate with the Traveller’s Hat pattern by Sue Jackson.  This advanced beginner project is quick, easy, and turns out great. It works well with stripes, as shown here, or would be equally nice in a single color of yarn, either solid or verigated. I used Madison, an aran weight yarnContinue reading “Traveller’s Cowl Pattern”

How to Knit English Style

Knitting English style (sometimes called throwing) is when you hold the yarn in the right hand. Many people knit this way as their primary knitting style. It’s generally believed that knitting Continental (yarn held in your left hand, or picking) is faster, although almost everyone who wins speed knitting contests knits with the yarn inContinue reading “How to Knit English Style”

Jaye Hat Pattern

The Jaye Hat is an easy pattern for a very popular, gender neutral slouchy hat. A unique feature is a double thick brim that’s very warm for cold climates. Here are some modifications you may want to consider: If you live somewhere with a mild climate, you may want a single layer brim instead. ToContinue reading “Jaye Hat Pattern”

Lesson 6 – Weekend Scarf

The Weekend Scarf is a great beginner project that’s quick, easy, and beautiful. A drop stitch creates an open fabric with a lovely drape. Knitting with a lighter yarn (such as a light worsted) will create a more lightweight scarf, or knit with a chunky or bulky yarn to create a warmer scarf. Either way,Continue reading “Lesson 6 – Weekend Scarf”

How to Wind Yarn

Some yarn comes in a skein and is ready to use. Some comes in a hank and needs to be wound before it’s ready for knitting (otherwise it will tie itself in knots.) You can wind the yarn by hand into a ball; into a cake using a handheld yarn winding stick; or into aContinue reading “How to Wind Yarn”

How to do Duplicate Stitch

Duplicate stitch traces the exiting stitches knit in stockinette. Often used as a decorative accent, it can also be used to mask an error. The trick is sliding the needle behind both legs of the stitch above the one you’re tracing, which can feel counter-intuitive; see image below. A demonstration of how to do duplicateContinue reading “How to do Duplicate Stitch”

Tivoli Slouch Hat Pattern

This Tivoli Slouch Hat is adorable, easy to knit, and comes together quickly. The hat in the photo above was knit with Lion Brand Heartland Yarn in the Grand Canyon color. It’s knit in the round on 16″ size 8 circular needles and finished with size 8 double pointed needles (DPNS). You’ll also need aContinue reading “Tivoli Slouch Hat Pattern”

How to Knit Cables

In this video you’ll learn how to knit cables. You’ll either need a cable needle (two different shapes are shown in the picture above) or can simply use a double pointed needle. Your pattern will tell you the “recipe” for the cables you’re going to knit. As a general matter, you will slip some stitchesContinue reading “How to Knit Cables”

How to Block Your Work

Blocking your work can help relax and smooth out your stitches so they look more beautiful, and is essential on larger projects with shaping such as sweaters. Here are the basic steps: Fill a small sink or bowl with cool water; mix with a small amount of Woolite or other soap made for wool, AddContinue reading “How to Block Your Work”

How to Add Fringe

Fringe is a fun addition to some projects, like a scarf, shawl, or this Woven Coaster. The great news is it’s also easy to do, especially with a crochet hook. Learn how in the video below. If your fridge isn’t laying flat, a pro tip is to run a hair straightener set to low heatContinue reading “How to Add Fringe”

How to Sew a Button

Learn how to sew a button, as shown when making the Woven Mug Cozy. You will need a button (the correct size for your project), a toothpick, thread, a needle the correct size for regular sewing thread, and scissors. Check out the video below for step by step instructions:

How to K2tog and P2tog

K2tog (knit two together) and P2tog (purl two together) are common methods of decreasing the number of stitches in a row. You do exactly as the name implies, inserting the right needle into two stitches from the left needle at the same time, and either knitting or purling them, well, together. This video shows youContinue reading “How to K2tog and P2tog”

How to Yarn Over (YO)

A yarn over (abbreviated YO in patterns) is one way to increase the number of stitches in a row, or it can be used as a decorative stitch because it creates an eyelet hole in the knitting, as shown above. Essentially a yarn over is when you wrap the right needle with yarn but thenContinue reading “How to Yarn Over (YO)”

Knit Stitch Troubleshooting

This video gives a slow motion breakdown of some common things that can go wrong for new knitters learning the knit stitch, and how to avoid them.

How to Start a Yarn Skein

This video shows how to pull the yarn from the center of the skein, which will help it keep from getting twisted while knitting or crocheting your project:

How to Tie a Slip Knot

Most knitting cast on methods start with a slip knot. The following is a slow motion demonstration of how to tie a slip knot. The steps are repeated several times so you can practice along with the video.

How to Hold Your Yarn for Knitting (Continental Style)

Everyone holds their yarn a little differently when knitting. Two main camps are divided between knitters who hold the yarn in their left hand (Continental Knitters or “Pickers”) and those who hold the yarn in their right hand (English Knitters or “Throwers.”) Even within those groups, there is much variation. The following notes and theContinue reading “How to Hold Your Yarn for Knitting (Continental Style)”

Yarn and Stitch Orientation Tips

Keeping your yarn and stitches sorted out can be tricky for a beginning (and sometimes an experienced) knitter. The following are some yarn and stitch orientation tips: Unless instructed otherwise, always wrap the yarn counter-clockwise (for both knit and purl). You may also want to check out this video demonstrating which way to wrap theContinue reading “Yarn and Stitch Orientation Tips”

Which Way to Wrap the Yarn

New (and even experienced) knitters can sometimes wrap the yarn backwards, which results in twisted stitches. The video below shows how to wrap the yarn the correct way around your needle when knitting or purling. Spoiler: always wrap counter-clockwise. You may also want to check out these tips for yarn and stitch orientation.

How to Make a Knit Stitch

There are two main stitches in knitting: the knit stitch and the purl stitch. When looking at fabric knit in stockinette, the side with the “v” shaped columns is the side that was knit; the purl side is the one with the “bumps,” which are sometimes described as “smiles and frowns.” Note that the backContinue reading “How to Make a Knit Stitch”

How to Knit Garter Stitch

To knit in garter stitch simply means you knit every row when making a flat piece of fabric. (When knitting in the round, you would need to alternate between knit rows and purl rows in order to create garter stitch fabric.) This creates a kind of ripply fabric that’s the same on both sides. TheContinue reading “How to Knit Garter Stitch”

How to Bind Off

Binding off is what you do to take your project of the needles when you’ve finished knitting the pattern. There are several different ways to bind off your work. With the simple or traditional bind off, you knit two stitches and then pass the first stitch over the second and off the needle. Here areContinue reading “How to Bind Off”

How to Slip Stitches

Knitting patterns often direct the knitter to “slip a stitch,” perhaps with additional instructions such as to “slip knitwise.” In short, to slip a stitch is to move a stitch from one needle to the other without getting new yarn and making a new stitch. In the following video, we’ll learn about slipping stitches.

How to Make a Purl Stitch

There are two main stitches in knitting: the knit stitch and the purl stitch. When looking at fabric knit in stockinette, the purl side is the one with the “bumps,” which are sometimes described as “smiles and frowns.” The side with the “v” shaped columns is the side that was knit. Note that the backContinue reading “How to Make a Purl Stitch”

Coco Knits Sweater Pattern

I made this Coco Knits Sweater from her Sweater Workshop as a class offered by my local yarn store, Yarnatopia. It was a little more complicated than I might have wanted to tackle on my own the first time, but was great to do as part of a class. The book, worksheet, and colored stitchContinue reading “Coco Knits Sweater Pattern”

Sunny Baby Blanket Pattern

In my family, we have a long tradition of knitting or crocheting a gift when someone is having a baby. This Sunny Baby Blanket is my go-to pattern for when I want to knit a blanket. It’s easy enough for beginning knitters yet doesn’t look like a simple pattern. My best tip for success isContinue reading “Sunny Baby Blanket Pattern”

Loose Knit Infinity Scarf Pattern

This Loose Knit Infinity Scarf is great for beginning knitters, and is one of two scarves I wear the most often. Yarn overs and dropped stitches create the open loops in the scarf. Using a provisional cast on and three-needle bind off help create a beautiful seam where the ends come together.

Fisherman’s Rib Scarf Pattern

Fisherman’s rib is a very interesting stitch that makes a very nicely squishy fabric, perfect for a scarf. The Seafaring Scarf pattern I used also includes a very helpful video on how to knit fisherman’s rib. It’s likely considered an advanced beginner’s project. In this narrower version to wear as an outdoor scarf with myContinue reading “Fisherman’s Rib Scarf Pattern”

Sheep Hat Pattern

I love this Baable Hat pattern! I’m also planning to knit the matching mittens. This was my first stranded colorwork project, and was a great one for learning. First I taught myself to knit English (holding the yarn in the right hand), in addition to my usual Continental style (holding the yarn in the leftContinue reading “Sheep Hat Pattern”

Baby Orangutan

This is an adorable baby orangutan that took just a couple of days to crochet. The hardest part was finding orange eyelash yarn. I finally found some glitter yarn at Hobby Lobby that worked well.

February Lady Sweater

The February Lady Sweater was the first sweater I knit and was a great pattern to use. (Well, it was the first sweater I knit if we don’t count these Weasley Sweater Ornaments.) I always try to do top down sweaters so I can try them on for fit as I go. The lace workContinue reading “February Lady Sweater”

Reindeer Antlers

These crocheted reindeer antlers are a great pattern and came out a perfect fit on the first try without needing to make adjustments. The sweater is my the basic dog sweater pattern I often use. After a few days of practice, they were happy to wear the antlers . . . well, they were willingContinue reading “Reindeer Antlers”

Crochet Dog Sweater

I’ve made dozens of dog sweaters. I often offer a custom-made dog sweater as a charity auction donation, which is a unique item that a lot of people seem to enjoy. This is my favorite go to pattern, which is easy to make-to-fit by trying it on the dog as you go. It also crochetsContinue reading “Crochet Dog Sweater”

Double Knit Coffee Coasters

These cute coffee cup coasters are a really nice small project to learn how to do double knitting. Double knitting is a technique that gives you a two-sided project, each in stockinette.  The finished project is completely reversible and great for interesting color work. It’s often used for scarves, or in this case coasters. elow areContinue reading “Double Knit Coffee Coasters”

Garter Stitch Ear Warmers

These Garter Stitch Ear Warmers make a great beginning knit project because, in addition to the headband knit in garter stitch, they have a small decorative band knit in stockinette. Plus the pattern knits up quickly and looks great!

Beginner’s Knit and Purl Fingerless Gloves Pattern and Video

This Beginner’s Knit and Purl Fingerless Gloves pattern is an ideal project for a beginning knitter. Knit on straight needles with worsted weight yarn and then stitched together, each glove works up quickly and has an interesting texture. There’s also a matching Beginner’s Knit and Purl Hat pattern. You can view the original pattern, orContinue reading “Beginner’s Knit and Purl Fingerless Gloves Pattern and Video”

Beginner’s Knit and Purl Hat

If you can knit and purl, you can knit this Beginner’s Knit and Purl Hat. Knit on straight needles and stitched together, it also provides good practice following a pattern. There is also a matching pair of fingerless gloves. Knit with worsted weight yarn on size 8 needles, it’s a great beginning knit project.

Harry Potter Scarf

I am a huge Harry Potter fan, which is easy to see if you spend time looking through my Gallery. This Harry Potter scarf is a great beginning knit project that is knit in the round on 16″ size 8 needles and gives the knitter practice changing colors of yarn. Knitting in the round createsContinue reading “Harry Potter Scarf”

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