Mini Weasley Sweater Ornaments Pattern and Video

I adore the pattern for these little Mini Weasley Sweater Ornaments, as I adore all things Harry Potter. Each Christmas I make an ornament for all 12 people in my immediate and immediately-extended family, and this was the one a couple years ago after we all visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando. The ornament is a raglan-style sweater that knits up quickly on double pointed needles using worsted weight yarn. The letters are added using duplicate stitch; my go-to resource for the letter patterns is from Purl Soho. Lions Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn is soft, easy to find, and offers colors for all the Hogwartz houses, so is my go-to yarn for Harry Potter projects. The letters will look best if you use the same type of yarn as the sweater.

A video overview of how to knit these sweaters is below, and you can learn how to do all the techniques in the lesson for this project. Or check out my other Harry Potter projects in the Gallery.


All credit for this pattern goes to  This is simply written out so it’s easier for beginners to follow.  

Supplies and Notes:

Small amount of worsted weight yarn (the same brand/kind of yarn in two colors will make the letters in duplicate stitch a little neater) 

Kfb = knit front loop then back loop (1 stitch increases to 2) 

Instructions for Raglan sweater from the top down: 

  1. CO 16 sts in the round. 
  2. K3 rounds even 
  3. Kfb, K1, Kfb twice, K3, Kfb twice, K1, Kfb twice, K3, Kfb (24 sts total) 
  4. Knit one round even 
  5. Kfb, K3, Kfb twice, K5, Kfb twice, K3, Kfb twice, K5, Kfb (32 sts total) 
  6. Knit one round even 
  7. Kfb, K5, Kfb twice, K7, Kfb twice, K5, Kfb twice, K7, Kfb (40 sts total) 
  8. Knit one round even 
  9. Kfb, K7, Kfb twice, K9, Kfb twice, K7, Kfb twice, K9, Kfb (48 sts total) 
  10. Knit one round even 
  11. Arrange your needles so the next 11 stitches are on one needle (starting with the first stitch after the stitch marker – these stitches will become one of the sleeves,) 13 stitches on the next needle (this will be the front of the sweater,) 11 on the next (the other sleeve,) and 13 on the last one (the back of the sweater.) See image 1 below.
  12. Transfer the stitches on each of the needles with 11 to scrap yarn; those will become the sleeves.  
  13. Redistribute the stitches across 4 needles.  See image 2 below
  14. Knit main body around even until have 22-23 rows, counting from cast on edge (not from sleeve split).  End this row in the middle of the back of your sweater.
  15. P1 round
  16. BO in knit
Image 1: Step 11 above
Image 2: Step 13 above

Sleeves and finishing: 

Download a Free PDF:

Video Demonstration:

Watch the following video tutorial on how to knit the Mini Weasley Sweaters:

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