I love doing projects.

Hi, I’m Susan. I love doing all kinds of projects – art projects, baking projects, yarn projects, projects around the house, projects for my job, you name it. I love learning new things and figuring out how they work. I need time for creative play almost as much as I need air; it’s not optional for me. Taking a little time for fun every day, for my art space, helps me maintain a cushion of joy that makes it easier to respond to life’s challenges with patience and compassion.

I love to teach almost as much as I love to learn. Over the years I’ve taught many things: music lessons, cake decorating, knitting and crochet, and time/priority management, to name a few. I created Cushion of Joy to share resources for during and after those classes. And to inspire others to realize it’s not selfish, it’s actually necessary self care, to find something you love to do and do it often. The following are a few of the many activities that bring me joy. You can see sample projects of mine in the Gallery, and hear sample performances of my band, Whiskey and Pie, on our webpage.

Knit / Crochet

I learned to crochet from my grandmother when I was seven, although knitting has become my preferred fiber art due to its versatility. I love yarn, making presents for people, and learning new knitting techniques. My sister and I knit together over FaceTime every weekend.


Baking is a hobby shared by my entire family, from my parents through my children. Starting at age 5 we were expected to help prepare family meals, and I worked my way through law school as a pastry chef. I love preparing delicious food for get-togethers with family and friends.


I play a dozen instruments, have a Bachelor of Music degree with a major in music theory, and perform in the Irish pub band Whiskey and Pie. My primary instruments are piano, violin, viola, guitar, Irish tenor banjo, mandolin, concertina, and voice. I also arrange all of the band’s music.

Sewing / Quilting

I started sewing when I was a child – I would make clothes and accessories for my dolls. As an adult I sew quilts, Christmas decorations, for necessity (most recently face masks), and other projects such as bags and cases to hold my knitting tools.


I am completely addicted to Pinterest. No holiday is complete without a family craft or painting activity. I also like to do woodworking (my latest project was building a new craft supply cabinet,) book folding, and to make various decorations for the house.


I’ve always enjoyed writing. I wrote a cookbook for a cupcake class I was teaching, and a workbook for a series of classes I’ve led several times on living the life you dream. I just started writing my first full length book – a guide to a happy and successful life for my children.

In Addition to Art

I have many reasons to be grateful in my life, in addition to my hobbies. I started my career as an employee benefits attorney working in Dallas and then Washington, D.C., and currently serve as the Chief Administrative Officer for a financial services group of companies headquartered in Oklahoma City. I’m also the Board President for the Oklahoma Guardian Ad Litem Institute – a non-profit representing low income children in family court cases. My husband and I love to travel through Europe and go camping more locally in our new RV. We have two grown children, two in high school, and several dogs; mine is a maltipoo named Daisy.

Stay connected.

Feel free to reach out to ask a question, share a project, or just say hi!

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