Wool is an essential part of any high-fiber diet

The following are resources that may be helpful as you’re planning your projects or working through a pattern.

Yarn Weights and Needle Sizes

This chart of yarn weight and needle sizes is really handy to figure out which yarns you might be able to substitute in a pattern, which names for sizes are synonyms, and which size needles are likely to be a good fit.

Yarn Estimates Per Project

This chart provides an estimate of how much yarn you’ll need of each size in order to make different projects. I find this to be useful if I’m at a yarn store and see yarn I want to get for a project (such as a blanket or scarf) but don’t yet have a specific pattern in mind.

Knitting Needle and Crochet Hook Sizes

Sometimes a pattern will have the list a knitting needle or crochet hook size in millimeters, but we’re more used to looking at the U.S. number assigned to that size. This chart gives those conversions.

Glossary of Knit and Crochet Terms

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