How to Change Colors and Knit a Jogless Join

It’s very easy to change colors of yarn to knit in stripes. When knitting in the round, one tip is to create a jogless join so the place you change colors isn’t as noticeable. In the photo above, the red and gold scarf was not knit with a jogless join and you can clearly see where the color change happened. The green project was knit with a jogless join and the stripe is more even.  It’s still a little noticeable, but much less than without that technique.  

To Change Colors

To change colors, insert your needle into the first stitch where the new color will be, fold the new yarn in half and place the loop around the right hand needle, pull it through the stitch to knit, then continue knitting in the new color. 

To Knit a Jogless Join

To create a jogless join, when you get to the end of the first round with the new color, slip the first stitch, then continue as usual in your pattern.  You only have to do that on the first row of the new color. Note that technique won’t work if your stripe is only one row wide.  

The following video shows how to attach the new color and slip the stitch to create a jogless join:

Want to Give it a Try?

The following patterns allow you to practice changing colors in the round and knitting a jogless join:

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