How to Try On a WIP Garment

One of the benefits of hand knitting is you can make everything to fit! In addition to knitting a gauge swatch, one of the best ways to make sure a work-in-progress (WIP) garment is going to fit how you want is to try it on as you go. If you’re knitting with circular needles butContinue reading “How to Try On a WIP Garment”

How to Knit the Circular Tubular Cast on for 2×2 Rib

The circular tubular cast on is very stretchy, beautiful, and invisible. It’s great for a hat, fingerless gloves, or other projects that begin with 2×2 rib. The steps are different than the circular tubular cast on for 1×1 rib, although those instructions are also available on the site. While there are several steps involved, they’reContinue reading “How to Knit the Circular Tubular Cast on for 2×2 Rib”

How to do the Tubular Bind Off for 1×1 Rib

This tubular bind off is a beautiful and very stretchy bind off that’s great whenever the end of your project is 1×1 rib. I demonstrate how to do this with the Traveller’s Cowl, which I started with the Circular Tubular Cast On and ended with this Tubular Bind Off. This bind off is done withContinue reading “How to do the Tubular Bind Off for 1×1 Rib”

How to Knit English Style

Knitting English style (sometimes called throwing) is when you hold the yarn in the right hand. Many people knit this way as their primary knitting style. It’s generally believed that knitting Continental (yarn held in your left hand, or picking) is faster, although almost everyone who wins speed knitting contests knits with the yarn inContinue reading “How to Knit English Style”