How to SSK

Slip Slip Knit (abbreviated SSK) is a very common method for decreasing stitches. K2tog (knit two together) is another method of decreasing. SSK stitches will lean to the left and K2tog stitches will lean to the right; in the photo above, you can see how the first three SSK stitches (from left to right) are slanting to the left just below the needle. The following steps describe how to do a SSK:

  1. Insert the right needle into the first stitch on the left needle, knitwise (as if to knit.) Instead of knitting, slip that stitch to the right needle.
  1. Repeat step 1 with a second stitch so you’ve now slipped two stitches to the right needle.
  1. Insert the left needle into the front loops of both the stitches you just slipped.  Wrap your working yarn around the right needle like usual and knit the two stitches together. 

Video Demonstration

The following video demonstrates how to do the SSK decrease:

Want to Give it a Try?

The following is a great pattern that features both K2tog and SSK decreases:

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