How to Knit Magic Loop with 2 Circular Needles

Magic loop is a term that refers to knitting a project in the round using a circular needle with a cable that’s much longer than the circumference of the project. The way I like to knit magic loop uses two sets of circular needles (four needles, two cables.) You can use this technique anytime you’re knitting in the round, from large projects such as a sweater, medium-sized projects like a hat, or even on tiny projects such as a Christmas ornament. I find this method creates fewer issues with laddering or gaps between stitches than double pointed needles or traditional magic loop.

To knit this method, you will need two sets of circular needles with the same sizes of needles. Ideally they need to be different in some way (such as color or length) so you can tell them apart easily while knitting. However, they do need to be the same type (and I would argue the same brand) because to use two different kinds of needles (such as one pair in metal and the second in wood) would likely create tension issues in your project.

Learn how to knit with this method in the video below:

Want to Give it a Try?

The following patterns would work well with this method of magical loop:

Mini Weasley Sweater Ornaments

Vancouver Fog Fingerless Gloves

Tivoli Slouch Hat

Coco Knits Sweater

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