Advanced Beginner/ Intermediate Lesson – Traveller’s Hat

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to knit the Traveller’s Hat, which is a great first hat that’s gender neutral. The hat is a very easy beginner knit pattern if starting with the long-tail cast on, or is perhaps an advanced beginner or intermediate project if using the circular tubular cast on, which I recommendContinue reading “Advanced Beginner/ Intermediate Lesson – Traveller’s Hat”

Lesson 6 – Weekend Scarf

The Weekend Scarf is a great beginner project that’s quick, easy, and beautiful. A drop stitch creates an open fabric with a lovely drape. Knitting with a lighter yarn (such as a light worsted) will create a more lightweight scarf, or knit with a chunky or bulky yarn to create a warmer scarf. Either way,Continue reading “Lesson 6 – Weekend Scarf”

How to Knit Magic Loop with 2 Circular Needles

Magic loop is a term that refers to knitting a project in the round using a circular needle with a cable that’s much longer than the circumference of the project. The way I like to knit magic loop uses two sets of circular needles (four needles, two cables.) You can use this technique anytime you’reContinue reading “How to Knit Magic Loop with 2 Circular Needles”

Intermediate Lesson – Mini Weasley Sweater Ornaments

These cute Harry Potter sweater Christmas ornaments are great for stocking stuffers! They’re fun to knit and are adorable on the tree. The raglan sweater construction is the same as how a full-sized sweater of the same type is knit. You’ll need a small amount of two colors of worsted weight yarn. Using the sameContinue reading “Intermediate Lesson – Mini Weasley Sweater Ornaments”

How to do Duplicate Stitch

Duplicate stitch traces the exiting stitches knit in stockinette. Often used as a decorative accent, it can also be used to mask an error. The trick is sliding the needle behind both legs of the stitch above the one you’re tracing, which can feel counter-intuitive; see image below. A demonstration of how to do duplicateContinue reading “How to do Duplicate Stitch”

How to Knit with DPNS (and avoid common problems)

Knitting with double pointed needles (DPNS) seemed a bit like magic to me when I was first learning to knit. But once I gave it a try, I realized it’s pretty straight forward. One trick is to use knitting needles with a little more grip, such as using bamboo and avoiding metal needles. I’m partialContinue reading “How to Knit with DPNS (and avoid common problems)”

How to Move Stitches to Scrap Yarn

Sometimes a pattern will call for moving stitches to scrap yarn. For example, when knitting a raglan sweater, the sleeve stitches will be held on scrap yarn until the body of the sweater is finished. Learn how to move stitches to scrap yarn in the video below. You’ll need a small amount of yarn inContinue reading “How to Move Stitches to Scrap Yarn”

Advanced Beginner Lesson – Cabled Ear Warmers

In addition to cabling, this lesson includes the provisional cast on and three needle bind off, which create a beautiful finished seam when connecting the ends of an infinity scarf, cowl, or these ear warmers. You’ll need heavy worsted weight or light chunky weight yarn; I’ve used the both the Cascade Yarns Baby Llama ChunkyContinue reading “Advanced Beginner Lesson – Cabled Ear Warmers”