Lesson 6 – Weekend Scarf

The Weekend Scarf is a great beginner project that’s quick, easy, and beautiful. A drop stitch creates an open fabric with a lovely drape. Knitting with a lighter yarn (such as a light worsted) will create a more lightweight scarf, or knit with a chunky or bulky yarn to create a warmer scarf. Either way, the knitting needles should be larger than usual for the yarn you choose; I knit mine with a light worsted weight yarn and size 11 needles. For a bulky yarn I would use size 15. After knitting 6-10 inches, if it isn’t flowing like you want, go to a larger needle size and start again.  

Knitting the pattern as an infinity scarf also allows you to learn the provisional cast on and three needle bind off, which create a beautifully invisible seam where the two ends come together, as shown in Figure 1.  

Figure 1

You’ll need the following supplies:

  • Approximately 200 – 350 yards of yarn;
  • Straight knitting needles (I used size 11 with light worsted, or would use size 15 with chunky/bulky yarn); 
  • A small amount of smooth scrap yarn in a contrasting color;
  • A crochet hook (any size will work; if you don’t have one, I suggest size G);
  • An extra knitting needle for the bind off (it can be the same size or smaller as what you’re using for your pattern, ideally a double pointed needle); and
  • Scissors.

To get started, download or print the Weekend Scarf Pattern, then watch the following videos:

Feel free to post a question in the comment section or drop me an email. Happy knitting!

Ready for more practice?

With the skills you have now, you can make this Loose Infinity Scarf. Or check out all the available beginner knitting lessons.

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