Intermediate Lesson – Learn to Knit Two at a Time Toe Up Socks (Slippers)

Learn how to knit two at a time (TAAT) toe up socks by knitting these fun and cozy slippers. They use super bulky yarn and come together quickly. Plus gets links to several other sock patterns using this same method.

How to Knit the Circular Tubular Cast on for 2×2 Rib

The circular tubular cast on is very stretchy, beautiful, and invisible. It’s great for a hat, fingerless gloves, or other projects that begin with 2×2 rib. The steps are different than the circular tubular cast on for 1×1 rib, although those instructions are also available on the site. While there are several steps involved, they’reContinue reading “How to Knit the Circular Tubular Cast on for 2×2 Rib”

How to Knit English Style

Knitting English style (sometimes called throwing) is when you hold the yarn in the right hand. Many people knit this way as their primary knitting style. It’s generally believed that knitting Continental (yarn held in your left hand, or picking) is faster, although almost everyone who wins speed knitting contests knits with the yarn inContinue reading “How to Knit English Style”

Advanced Beginner/ Intermediate Lesson – Traveller’s Hat

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to knit the Traveller’s Hat, which is a great first hat that’s gender neutral. The hat is a very easy beginner knit pattern if starting with the long-tail cast on, or is perhaps an advanced beginner or intermediate project if using the circular tubular cast on, which I recommendContinue reading “Advanced Beginner/ Intermediate Lesson – Traveller’s Hat”

Lesson 6 – Weekend Scarf

The Weekend Scarf is a great beginner project that’s quick, easy, and beautiful. A drop stitch creates an open fabric with a lovely drape. Knitting with a lighter yarn (such as a light worsted) will create a more lightweight scarf, or knit with a chunky or bulky yarn to create a warmer scarf. Either way,Continue reading “Lesson 6 – Weekend Scarf”

How to Knit Magic Loop with 2 Circular Needles

Magic loop is a term that refers to knitting a project in the round using a circular needle with a cable that’s much longer than the circumference of the project. The way I like to knit magic loop uses two sets of circular needles (four needles, two cables.) You can use this technique anytime you’reContinue reading “How to Knit Magic Loop with 2 Circular Needles”

Intermediate Lesson – Mini Weasley Sweater Ornaments

These cute Harry Potter sweater Christmas ornaments are great for stocking stuffers! They’re fun to knit and are adorable on the tree. The raglan sweater construction is the same as how a full-sized sweater of the same type is knit. You’ll need a small amount of two colors of worsted weight yarn. Using the sameContinue reading “Intermediate Lesson – Mini Weasley Sweater Ornaments”