Intermediate Lesson – Learn to Knit Two at a Time Toe Up Socks (Slippers)

Learn how to knit two at a time (TAAT) toe up socks by knitting these fun and cozy slippers. They use super bulky yarn and come together quickly. Plus gets links to several other sock patterns using this same method.

Intermediate Lesson – Stranded Colorwork

Stranded color work is when you hold multiple colors of yarn (most often two at a time) and follow a chart to make designs in your knitting. One of most commonly-cited examples is fair isle knitting. The sample above is stranded color work, as is this sheep hat. This lesson provides the information you needContinue reading “Intermediate Lesson – Stranded Colorwork”

Advanced Beginner/ Intermediate Lesson – Traveller’s Hat

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to knit the Traveller’s Hat, which is a great first hat that’s gender neutral. The hat is a very easy beginner knit pattern if starting with the long-tail cast on, or is perhaps an advanced beginner or intermediate project if using the circular tubular cast on, which I recommendContinue reading “Advanced Beginner/ Intermediate Lesson – Traveller’s Hat”

How to Make Sure Your Hat Will Fit

When you decide to knit a hat, ideally you want it to fit when you’re finished. Knitting a gauge swatch and then adjusting either your yarn, needles, or something about the pattern will help ensure it fits as intended when you’re finished. The other option is to dive in, knit as directed, and if itContinue reading “How to Make Sure Your Hat Will Fit”

Introduction to Knitting in the Round

Knitting in the round creates a tube shape, such as with gloves, a hat, or a sweater.  Essentially you’re knitting in a spiral. This has the added benefit of eliminating any kind of seam, which you would have if you instead knit the piece flat and then stitched it into a tube shape.   Joining inContinue reading “Introduction to Knitting in the Round”

Lesson 6 – Weekend Scarf

The Weekend Scarf is a great beginner project that’s quick, easy, and beautiful. A drop stitch creates an open fabric with a lovely drape. Knitting with a lighter yarn (such as a light worsted) will create a more lightweight scarf, or knit with a chunky or bulky yarn to create a warmer scarf. Either way,Continue reading “Lesson 6 – Weekend Scarf”