Advanced Beginner/ Intermediate Lesson – Traveller’s Hat

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to knit the Traveller’s Hat, which is a great first hat that’s gender neutral. The hat is a very easy beginner knit pattern if starting with the long-tail cast on, or is perhaps an advanced beginner or intermediate project if using the circular tubular cast on, which I recommend and assume you will be using.

You’ll need the following supplies:

  • Approximately 200 yards of aran weight yarn, 100 yards in each color if you’d like to knit in stripes;
  • 16” circular needles in sizes 3 and 6 (or correct sizes to obtain gauge);
  • Size 6 needles (or the same size as your larger needle if different to obtain gauge) for knitting magic loop (either one long circular needle or two, depending on whether you use the traditional magic loop method or magic loop using 2 sets of circular needles; you could also choose to use DPNS);
  • One knitting needle several sizes larger than you need for your project (I used a size 10 straight needle);
  • A small amount of smooth scrap yarn in a contrasting color;
  • A crochet hook (any size will work; if you don’t have one, I suggest size G);
  • One stitch marker; 
  • Scissors; and
  • A yarn needle. 

Start by downloading or printing the Traveller’s Hat pattern, and then review each of the following:

Note you can block the hat over an inflated balloon if you want, although I did not block this hat. Learn more about blocking in general.  

Feel free to post a question in the comment section or drop me an email. Happy knitting!

Ready for more practice?

Want to try another hat?  The Jaye Hat is another slouchy option that’s similar to the Traveller’s Hat.  Or you might like the Tivoli Slouch Hat. You can also knit the matching Traveller’s Cowl. Or check out all the available beginner knitting lessons.

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