Intermediate Lesson – Mini Weasley Sweater Ornaments

These cute Harry Potter sweater Christmas ornaments are great for stocking stuffers! They’re fun to knit and are adorable on the tree. The raglan sweater construction is the same as how a full-sized sweater of the same type is knit. You’ll need a small amount of two colors of worsted weight yarn. Using the sameContinue reading “Intermediate Lesson – Mini Weasley Sweater Ornaments”

Coco Knits Sweater Pattern

I made this Coco Knits Sweater from her Sweater Workshop as a class offered by my local yarn store, Yarnatopia. It was a little more complicated than I might have wanted to tackle on my own the first time, but was great to do as part of a class. The book, worksheet, and colored stitchContinue reading “Coco Knits Sweater Pattern”

Mini Weasley Sweater Ornaments Pattern and Video

I adore the pattern for these little Mini Weasley Sweater Ornaments, as I adore all things Harry Potter. Each Christmas I make an ornament for all 12 people in my immediate and immediately-extended family, and this was the one a couple years ago after we all visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at UniversalContinue reading “Mini Weasley Sweater Ornaments Pattern and Video”

February Lady Sweater

The February Lady Sweater was the first sweater I knit and was a great pattern to use. (Well, it was the first sweater I knit if we don’t count these Weasley Sweater Ornaments.) I always try to do top down sweaters so I can try them on for fit as I go. The lace workContinue reading “February Lady Sweater”