Woven Mug Cozy and Coaster Patterns and Video

This great pattern (available for free on Ravelry) is fun to knit and the finished mug cozy and matching coaster are very cute! They come together quickly, are easy enough for beginning knitters, and make great gifts. I knit mine with Eco Highland Duo by Cascade Yarns, which is a light worsted that is extremelyContinue reading “Woven Mug Cozy and Coaster Patterns and Video”

Garter Stitch Coaster Pattern and Video

A Garter Stitch Coaster is great for a would-be-knitter’s very first project. It’s relatively simple while still teaching several important skills that all knitters use. This one uses the continental cast on, knit stitches to make garter stitch fabric, and a simple bind off method. The pattern is available to download, and the video belowContinue reading “Garter Stitch Coaster Pattern and Video”

Coco Knits Sweater Pattern

I made this Coco Knits Sweater from her Sweater Workshop as a class offered by my local yarn store, Yarnatopia. It was a little more complicated than I might have wanted to tackle on my own the first time, but was great to do as part of a class. The book, worksheet, and colored stitchContinue reading “Coco Knits Sweater Pattern”

Sunny Baby Blanket Pattern

In my family, we have a long tradition of knitting or crocheting a gift when someone is having a baby. This Sunny Baby Blanket is my go-to pattern for when I want to knit a blanket. It’s easy enough for beginning knitters yet doesn’t look like a simple pattern. My best tip for success isContinue reading “Sunny Baby Blanket Pattern”

Weekend Scarf Pattern and Video

This Weekend Scarf pattern is very fast and easy to knit, and was indeed able to be finished in a weekend (that I didn’t do anything except binge watch Harry Potter movies.) It’s a great pattern for beginning knitters. The loops are created through a combination of yarn overs and dropped stitches. I knit mineContinue reading “Weekend Scarf Pattern and Video”

Vancouver Fog Fingerless Gloves Pattern

I love, love, love this Vancouver Fog Fingerless Gloves pattern! One Christmas I made a pair of these for all the women in my family. It’s a great pattern for practicing cables as well as the circular tubular cast on for 2×2 rib and Jenny’s stretchy bind off. The pattern includes both short and longContinue reading “Vancouver Fog Fingerless Gloves Pattern”

Cables with a Twist Ear Warmers Pattern

The pattern for Cables with a Twist Ear Warmers is a great one for learning to do cable knitting. It’s a small project that knits up quickly using chunky yarn, and the finished ear warmers are beautiful. They also make a great present – perhaps a stocking stuffer. I like to use the provisional castContinue reading “Cables with a Twist Ear Warmers Pattern”

Stone Point Poncho Pattern

I had this Stone Point Poncho pinned for two years before I got around to making it, and love it as much as I thought I would. It’s a really fun pattern to knit with just enough interest to not be boring and just enough repeat to the pattern to be able to knit whileContinue reading “Stone Point Poncho Pattern”

Snowdrift Infinity Cowl Pattern

This Snowdrift Infinity Cowl is such a beautiful pattern. It’s a little complicated for a beginner, and very helpful to use a lifeline because it’s hard to pick up the stitches correctly if you need to go back and fix a mistake. But once you get the hang of it, it’s fun to knit andContinue reading “Snowdrift Infinity Cowl Pattern”

Loose Knit Infinity Scarf Pattern

This Loose Knit Infinity Scarf is great for beginning knitters, and is one of two scarves I wear the most often. Yarn overs and dropped stitches create the open loops in the scarf. Using a provisional cast on and three-needle bind off help create a beautiful seam where the ends come together.