How to Rip Back, Pick up a Dropped Row, and Use Lifelines

This video covers how to get your work back on the needles if you lose a lot of stitches, how to tink, frog, and use lifelines to save your work if you have a problem in the middle. To tink (which is knit spelled backwards) is to unknit, one stitch at a time. To frog your work is when you pull out several rows; it’s called frogging because you “rip it, rip it.” A lifetime is a piece of scrap yarn that can be used to hold your stitches (as shown in the picture above) so if you make a mistake, you can rip back to the lifeline without losing your whole project. It’s particularly useful if you’re doing a complicated stitch that’s hard to pick up correctly if you need to go back. Check out the video below for how to use all of these techniques to save your knitting.

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