How to Slip Stitches

Knitting patterns often direct the knitter to “slip a stitch,” perhaps with additional instructions such as to “slip knitwise.” In short, to slip a stitch is to move a stitch from one needle to the other without getting new yarn and making a new stitch. In the following video, we’ll learn about slipping stitches.

How to Make a Purl Stitch

There are two main stitches in knitting: the knit stitch and the purl stitch. When looking at fabric knit in stockinette, the purl side is the one with the “bumps,” which are sometimes described as “smiles and frowns.” The side with the “v” shaped columns is the side that was knit. Note that the backContinue reading “How to Make a Purl Stitch”

Twisted Headband Pattern and Video

This Twisted Headband is a great beginning knit project knitted in garter stitch. The pattern is below (free PDF download at the bottom of the page), and you can watch a video that walks you through the whole project step-by-step. You only need to know how to cast on (I suggest the Continental Cast On),Continue reading “Twisted Headband Pattern and Video”