Crochet Dog Sweater

I’ve made dozens of dog sweaters. I often offer a custom-made dog sweater as a charity auction donation, which is a unique item that a lot of people seem to enjoy. This is my favorite go to pattern, which is easy to make-to-fit by trying it on the dog as you go. It also crochets up quickly – it can be made in just a few hours. You’ll notice I took some artistic license with some of the sweaters below, but they’re all at least loosely based on this pattern, which is available in different sizes. I also shared the pattern for the reindeer antlers.

P.S. We often get asked how we got the Christmas card shot of our dogs. We taught them the command “photo ready” so they would sit still and look at the camera, and after a few weeks of practice they’ll sit there for long enough to take several photos. There’s also a picture of them in Harry Potter Halloween Costumes in the Gallery.

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