Reindeer Antlers

These crocheted reindeer antlers are a great pattern and came out a perfect fit on the first try without needing to make adjustments. The sweater is my the basic dog sweater pattern I often use. After a few days of practice, they were happy to wear the antlers . . . well, they were willingContinue reading “Reindeer Antlers”

Crochet Dog Sweater

I’ve made dozens of dog sweaters. I often offer a custom-made dog sweater as a charity auction donation, which is a unique item that a lot of people seem to enjoy. This is my favorite go to pattern, which is easy to make-to-fit by trying it on the dog as you go. It also crochetsContinue reading “Crochet Dog Sweater”

Broomstick Lace Scarf

I love this broomstick lace scarf, and often make it for presents. It takes just one skein of yarn; my favorite to use is the Redheart Unforgettable Yarn. This is more of an intermediate pattern, but the tutorial video is easy to follow. Broomstick lace was historically made around the handle of a broomstick, althoughContinue reading “Broomstick Lace Scarf”

Mollie Infinity Scarf

The Mollie Infinity Scarf is very beautiful and great to crochet as a present. It’s easy to make, simple enough for a beginner, and looks quite lovely when it’s finished. Be sure to test your gauge to make sure the fabric will be flowy the way you want when it’s finished; it can feel aContinue reading “Mollie Infinity Scarf”

Andy’s Button Scarf

This is one of my all time favorite patterns. Andy’s Button Scarf is very easy to crochet, even for beginners, yet it doesn’t look like a beginner project. I often make these for presents. It’s also a pattern that works in both single color or variegated yarn. It takes one skein of yarn. I madeContinue reading “Andy’s Button Scarf”