Taking Time for Joy (and Knitting)

Knitting is one of my many creative hobbies. Taking time for ourselves, time for fun, can seem selfish, but we can’t serve others from a place of suffering and depletion. I have come to learn we must be diligent about making time for self-care, which includes both rest and play. Knitting, along with baking, playing music, and other artistic endeavors, creates a cushion of joy that helps me feel grounded and makes it a little easier to respond to life’s challenges with patience and compassion. Time in my art space nurtures my soul, and I believe knitting can do that for anyone. It is joy, creativity, and an opportunity to practice mindfulness all rolled into one!

The Cushion of Joy site was designed for those who love to learn, as I do. I have often taught classes on knitting and crochet, and thought it would be helpful to provide a resource for when students are practicing on their own after class. I’ve included lessons for beginning knitters, instructional videos, patterns for beginners and more experienced knitters, resources that can be helpful when planning a project or working through a pattern, and a variety of other tips and tricks.

Need more help? Feel free to reach out to me at cushionofjoy@gmail.com. I wish you much joy on your creative journey.

Happy knitting!

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