How to Knit Front Back (Kfb)

Knit Front Back (Kfb) is a method of increasing the number of stitches in a row. To do it, you simply knit the front of the stitch (in front of the left hand needle, like usual) but before you slip the stitch off the left hand needle, knit the back of the stitch (the same stitch you already knit but now knit the yarn behind the left hand needle), and then slip the original stitch off the left hand needle. You now will have increased your stitch count by one.

In the Mini Weasley Sweater Ornament shown above, you’ll see the diagonal lines going from the neck toward where the sleeve joins the sweater. Each of those was made with two Kfb stitches next to each other (for a total of two increases made on each side.)

The following video shows how to do the Kfb stitch:

Want to Give it a Try?

The following patterns use the Kfb stitch:

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